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Prairie a 1 to 1 Laptop School

4/11/2012 9:06:07 AM by Steve Doser

Next fall Prairie will be a 1 to 1 laptop school!  Each student in grades 9-12 will have the opportunity to have a district-issued laptop to use both at school and at home.  The district will be providing students with Apple  11 inch MacBook Air laptops.  These laptops will be checked out to students starting next fall. 

The district has studied digital literacy and 1 to 1 computing for the last three years.  It’s pretty clear that the world is changing rapidly.  The Prairie leadership (the Board of Education, administration, and teacher leaders) concluded that the best way to keep pace this change was to equip all of our 9-12th graders with the right tools:  a personal computing device.  Here is a brief three minute video produced by the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) on why this change is so necessary:

There will be much more information coming soon on this exciting opportunity for Prairie students.  Updates will be posted frequently on Prairie, the College Community Facebook page, the CCSD Twitter feed, the district YouTube channel, and a new digital literacy blog –

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